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 It does not have to be emotionally and financially draining when the parties choose to end their business or professional relationship.  Mediation for business disputes provides a quick, inexpensive, and confidential way for the businesses to part ways in a professional manner.

We guide small businesses in resolving contract agreement disputes, management, and partnership disputes through the mediation process.  By utilizing mediation, the parties will experience resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We have experienced personally and professionally to assist the parties in reaching an amicable agreement and have resolved in their situation.

Most business owners have a commercial lease for their retail or office space.  Is your lease coming due?  Your time is limited and you just don't want to deal with your commercial lease.  EVM can help you with that.  EVM can handle the negotiations for you.  The goal is to save you money and/or limit your future increases in your new lease.  EVM has saved money for other clients and will be glad to provide you references.

 Mediation is a solution for small business owners.   In any event, mediation is inexpensive compared to the high costs of litigation.

Your mediator has been a business owner for 30 years.  EVM understands the importance of your bottom line and the value of time.  Let EVM's negotiation experience work for you.    

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It is about relationships, time and the bottom line.   

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