Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation involves a neutral third party that handles the negotiations between the parties. The goal of a mediator is to help the parties reach a mutually agreed-upon resolution. In mediation, the parties create their own settlement terms with the assistance of their neutral mediator.

How much does mediation cost?

We save or clients up to 70% in legal fees. At East Valley Mediator, parties pay as they go for the services rendered. Upon the FREE initial consultation, we can provide you

with an estimate for your fees involved in mediation. 

Does mediation cost less than two attorneys?

Yes. Instead of spending money on two separate attorneys, mediation allows the parties to pay for one mediator to resolve all of the issues in their case. We can save up to 70% in fees when you mediate first.

How will the costs be determined or divided between the parties?

The parties can decide how to divide the cost of the mediation.

Where does the paperwork get filed?

Your documents can be filed with the Superior Court in your County.  EVM can refer you to a document preparer or attorney to assist you in filing the necessary paperwork. 


Can I still have an attorney if I mediate?

Yes, retaining individual counsel is an option; however the decision is yours.

If I've already filed for a divorce, can we still mediate?

Yes, mediation is an option for all parties' even if they have already filed for divorce. Often times, parties may decide litigation is not cost-effective or that with the help of a third party they can resolve their issues without the long, expensive litigation process. Many times the courts refer the parties to conciliation services or to mediation. You can save time by mediating and expediting your divorce process.

When is mediation successful?

Mediation is successful when both parties are active, willing and cooperative in the mediation process. The parties must have a desire to compromise and find a resolution. It is possible to achieve a successful outcome in mediation when all parties act in good faith and listen to the other party. Each party will be heard and their contributions will be valued.

 Are there areas of family law that cannot be mediated?

Substance abuse and domestic violence are issues that are not generally suitable for mediation.

What are some helpful personal documents to bring into mediation?

All of this will be addressed at the initial meeting with the mediator. Your mediator will provide you with a checklist of what is needed.

Why should you consider East Valley Mediator?

We care. We have witnessed the devastation that conflict causes families. We recognize the needs of our parties in mediation and we strive to work together for the best interest of our families.

How does mediation differ from court-based divorce?

In mediation, divorcing couples do not surrender control to attorneys or a judge. Our mediators provide the legal, financial, parenting, and other information needed to make fully informed decisions-and the divorcing couple decides what is best for them based on their particular relationships, needs and standards. Mediation takes place in a safe, collaborative environment, and is significantly less stressful than adversarial, win-lose, court based proceedings.

What if we already agree on lots of issues?

These agreements often serve as a foundation for resolution of their issues and overall agreement. They are likely to expedite the mediation and further reduce the cost.

What if I don't know as much or am not assertive as my spouse?

Part of the mediator's job is to even out any differences. Another part is to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect in which any threats, intimidation, verbal aggressive behavior, and the like, are prohibited!

How does mediation benefit children?

We are dedicated to helping parents focus on the best interests of the children. East Valley Mediator (also known at EVM) will help the parents stay focused on their parental roles for the now and for their future. Here at EVM our commitment is to support parental communication and to come together to decide the children's future. We can mediate with your older children by your request with great success.

How do I get other questions answered?

Arrange for a complimentary consultation by calling East Valley Mediator at 480-788-4187 or contact us by email.