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Everyone is welcome just as you are at East Valley Mediator.  We do Divorce and Business Mediation.  High Conflict Mediation. 

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Mediate vs. Litigate.  We can assist the parties in their negotiations.  Be a part of the process.  Save up to 70% in legal fees.

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We save up to 70% in legal fees when you Mediate vs. Litigate.

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•Family matters

•Divorce with a business (self-employed)

•Post Divorce - Changing School Districts/Educational Matters ​Jordan v. Rea, 212 P. 3d 919 – Ariz: Court of Appeals, 1st Div., Dept. A 2009

• Modifications:  Child support, visitation, decision making

•Special educational needs (IEP, 504, Gifted, etc.)

•Post Adoption

•Real Estate Transactions/Property Well Disputes

•Landlord/Tenant Disputes

•Business contractual disputes

•Commercial lease negotiations

•Civil matter  disputes

•Online Mediation and more

During your consultation, the parties are given an opportunity to ask questions.   At the initial consultation, your mediator will evaluate your case and can give you an estimate.

We ask that you share in the fees in a way that is appropriate to your situation, remembering that the mediator is working for both of you.    Keeping your mediation fees under control will be determined by the parties' ability to work together to find a resolution that works for them.