PK Jordan 

Divorce Mediator/Commercial Negotiator

With more than 25 years of business negotiation experience,   EVM's  primary focus is  on family matters and small business matter that include commercial lease negotiations.

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Divorce Mediator in Gilbert/Tempe/Phoenix

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Paolla (PK) Jordan says “Serving others is a blessing!” A business owner and negotiator for over 25+ years, PK Jordan of East Valley Mediator is in the business of helping people.  PK is recognized by numerous professionals across many modalities as having a gift for listening, accessing situations and contributing ideas to assist the parties in finding a workable solution during divorce and commercial mediation in Gilbert, Arizona.

About East Valley Mediator

East Valley Mediator (also known as EVM)is an alternative dispute resolution practice offering traditional mediation services and conflict management consulting. The practice has an impeccable reputation and PK is known in the valley as a person to do business with.  PK is a true asset to any client needing assistance when they are running out options in settling their matter.  She contributes a great deal of both professional and personal real-life experience to her work.

Working with PK

Every person has challenges that they have to endure and PK knows that well.  In a mediation session with her, you will have a place where you will be heard and where what you say is important during your negotiations.  PK helps her clients to be in control of their outcomes through mediation rather than having the court dictate their future.  PK says, “The only person that knows what is best for my client is my client!” Others have described her as uniquely gifted for understanding each client’s needs and creating solutions for them that help them resolve their matters.  In fact, PK’s goal is to “resolve their dispute now, so that they can move forward in their lives.”

About PK

PK’s areas of practice include mediation/negotiations, specializing in difficult cases, special educational needs, commercial negotiations, public speaking and a vast understanding of litigation from personal experience.  PK is also fluent in Spanish.  When PK is not mediating with clients, she enjoys spending time with her family.  She is married and has two children, 16 and 19 years old.  She not only loves soccer but coached U-12 soccer boys for 3 years.  She finds fulfillment in serving families through Divorce Care Ministry with her husband, judging our future business leaders of DECA as well as giving back to people in her community.  She believes serving families is an honor and wouldn't trade it for the world!