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Special educational needs mediation is a process in which disputes between parents, schools, and/or education authorities, regarding a child's special educational needs are discussed with the help of your mediators.


Special educational needs are identified for children that are learning delayed or children who need enrichment programs for gifted children.  The mediator will help both sides to identify the issues that need to be sorted out and what can be done to resolve them.  This approach can bring out helpful ideas that have not been considered and can lead to acceptable solutions for both parties.


Mediation encourages everyone involved to consider your child's needs and be part of the process rather than against it.  It is a team effort when it comes to your child’s education.  It is a productive, future-focused process-carried out with the goal of resolution always in mind for your child.


Your mediators, Tiffany Delbridge and PK Jordan have first-hand personal experience in this area. Tiffany Delbridge and PK Jordan had to be their children's advocate by seeking the educational support that was needed for their children.  Pk had to use the court system to help her children get the services and support that they needed.  PK had to take the educational matter to the appeals court.  Jordan v. Rea, 212 P. 3d 919 – Ariz: Court of Appeals, 1st Div., Dept. A 2009

We believe that nobody knows your children as you do.  We work hard for our families in achieving their goals to help their children. 


Working with families and providing workable solutions to help your child is rewarding to Tiffany and PK.   With Tiffany and PK working alongside you, you can rest assured that you have someone who understands the importance of your child's needs.

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